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The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR®) has advocated for women’s health for over two decades through science, policy and education. Over a decade ago, SWHR recognized the need to have researchers and physicians across various disciplines come together to bring their diverse perspectives, conceptual frameworks and methods to discover new ideas in a particular disease field. SWHR created the SWHR Interdisciplinary Networks to allow boundaries to be bridged and cross cutting ideas to develop. SWHR networks examine knowledge gaps and identify focused innovative directions for conditions that disproportionately, differently or exclusively affect women.

Please note that membership in the Networks is by invitation only. We do not consider unsolicited proposals.

“Advancing science through activities of leading researchers, catalyzing new research initiatives and focusing the community on the most urgent and tractable health problems for women provide the critical foundation for effective advocacy.”

Susan Redline, MD, MPH, Sleep Network Chair


The Interdisciplinary Research Network Model

The interdisciplinary research models allows for a unique style of collaboration among carefully selected experts by SWHR in a particular disease field. The rationale for the networks rests on these key principles:

  1. The best people: The Network members are established senior investigators with fully-funded research programs with high level of success in their field. Typically, 10-13 experts, researcher administrators or physicians from various disciplines are invited to participate in the network.
  1. Multi-year: The Networks are typically 3-5-year programs, which allows for effective collaborations, meaningful planning and production of preliminary results, thereby impacting the scientific field.
  1. Multi-disciplinary and Multi-sites: Each network represents the broadest range of scientific disciplines and experienced thought leaders from diverse institutions.
  1. Peer-driven science and the right question: The expert panel will identify knowledge gaps in a particular field that will generate sub-questions. The network will engage individuals most likely to make significant contributions to the field.

Our Networks

SWHR has successfully administered six interdisciplinary research networks pertaining to the brain, metabolism, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal health, breast cancer, and the link between domestic violence and chronic disease. Networks on sleep and urologic health are currently underway.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease ( 2016-Present) Learn more.
  • Urological Health in Women (2015 – Present) Learn more.
  • Sleep (2014-Present) Learn more.
  • Link between Domestic Violence and Chronic Disease (2013 – 2015) Learn more.
  • Study of Exercise and Breast Cancer (2011 – 2014) Learn more.Cardiovascular Disease (2009 – 2014) Learn more.
  • Musculoskeletal Health (2007 – 2014) Learn more.
  • Metabolism (2003 – 2009) Learn more.
  •  Sex, Gender, Drugs and the Brain (2002 – 2007) Learn more.

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