Mission Statement

To explore, understand, and leverage the scientific basis of the roles of sex and gender in Alzheimer’s disease to inform prevention and treatment, providing guidance for research, clinical trials, and policy.


  • Neelum Aggarwal, MD, Rush University
  • Lisa Barnes, PhD, Rush University
  • Roberta Brinton, PhD, University of Southern California
  • Jill Goldstein, PhD, Harvard Medical School
  • Kejal Kantarci, MD, MS Mayo Clinic
  • Pauline Maki, PhD, University of Illinois – Chicago
  • Bruce McEwen, PhD, Rockefeller University
  • Michelle Mielke, PhD, Mayo Clinic
  • Elizabeth Mormino, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • John Morrison, PhD, University of California, Davis
  • Natalie  Rasgon, MD, PhD, Stanford University
  • Haung Yu, PhD, Columbia University

Program Director

Rebecca Nebel, PhD








Sponsorship of this network does not imply agreement with any content and/or comments presented by the members during network proceedings.

“This unique network addresses aging and dementia, one of the most important issues facing modern societies and it does so in the context of sex differences and how they are manifested across the life course. This network fills an important gap, as no other group is likely to do this.”
 – Bruce McEwen, PhD, Alfred E. Mirsky professor of neuroscience at the Rockefeller University, director of the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology, member of the SWHR Board of Directors, & member of the SWHR Interdisciplinary Network on Alzheimer’s Disease