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We believe that one of the keys to successfully achieving our mission is through innovative and diverse partnerships.

SWHR partners on science, policy, and education programs with organizations that share our mission to correct imbalances in health care for women.

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General Support Sponsorships and Grants

General support provides SWHR with the flexibility to plan, innovate, and pivot quickly in response to changing policies, trends, and innovation in the health care space.

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Sponsor a Science Program

SWHR science initiatives examine knowledge gaps and identify directions for future innovation in diseases and conditions that disproportionately or differently affect women.

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Join our Policy Advisory Council

Council members work collaboratively to develop policy positions, promote research, and create informative materials to improve women’s health.

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Support Our Awards Dinner

This annual event celebrates achievements, advancements, and innovations in women’s health by recognizing leaders in the field.

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SWHR Organizational Statement on Financial Transparency and Accountability

The Society for Women’s Health Research’s science, policy, and education initiatives are supported by corporate and foundation grants and educational sponsorships, within which SWHR maintains editorial control and independence, and individual gifts. A nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to serve women and their families, clinicians, researchers, patients and patient advocates, and policymakers, SWHR and its leadership are committed to good stewardship of our financial resources and conducting business in an open and transparent manner. SWHR’s partnerships and initiatives—sustained with support from SWHR’s dedicated staff and its Board of Directors—contribute to the organization’s ability to better meet the needs of women throughout their lifespans by identifying research and clinical needs; developing educational tools and resources; and raising awareness of diseases, conditions, and life stages that disproportionately, differently, or solely affect women.

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To learn more about how to partner with SWHR, please contact our Development Office at or 202-496-5001.

We’re leading the way



Since 1990, SWHR has been championing for research and policy that improves women’s health.



After years of SWHR advocacy, in 2018, for the first time, women accounted for over half of research participants for approved drugs.



SWHR convenes researchers, clinicians, patients and other stakeholders to effect change in overlooked areas of women’s health