Gretta Stone is the Deputy Vice President of Policy & Research at PhRMA, where she communicates the contributions of biopharmaceutical companies and their products.

Gretta StoneStone manages a range of issues related to the research and development process, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, the value of medicines, and personalized medicine. In her more than 12 years at PhRMA, she has also worked extensively on orphan drugs, the biopharmaceutical pipeline, the research ecosystem, the cost of medicines, and marketing and promotion.

Stone has also authored many PhRMA reports and publications, including the annual Biopharmaceutical Research Industry Profile, an overview of the sector and a go-to source of data on the industry; the Setbacks and Stepping Stones series on medicines that do not make it to approval but pave the way for progress; and the Decade of Innovation series on advances in the fight against many diseases.

Prior to joining PhRMA, Stone worked in a lab researching language and the brain at Georgetown University, where she received a BS in biology.