Now that more women are living longer than ever before after breastcancer, there is a real need for information on what happens in theyears after initial treatment. Life ABC was a public education campaignsponsored by SWHR and Novartis Oncology, designed to raise awareness ofthe risk of recurrence for women with early breast cancer and encouragean ongoing dialogue about this risk between these women and their health care professionals. Read the Press Release .

The website provided the latest research about breast cancerrecurrence, in addition to helpful tips on maintaining a healthylifestyle – both physically and emotionally. Whether a patient,caregiver, health care professional or advocate, the site supplied thetools and information a woman needs to make informed and proactivechoices for a healthy future.

Here are some of the resources the site offered:

Here is the information on breast cancer the site offered:

The site also offered the following fact sheets:

For more information on breast cancer, please read SWHR’s consumer fact sheet .

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