Biology of Sex Differences

This open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal focuses on sex differences in physiology, behavior, and disease.

The journal is co-published by SWHR and BioMed Central, and is the official journal of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD). The journal aims to improve understanding of biological sex differences and foster development of therapeutic and diagnostic tools that are specific for sex differences.

SWHR and OSSD founded the journal Biology of Sex Differences in 2010. SWHR helped establish OSSD in 2006 to continue scientific collaboration on sex and gender research, with researchers from SWHR’s Brain Network as some of the founding members. OSSD was funded and supported by SWHR until 2012, when it became an independent organization. Read about the history of OSSD here.


Featured Article:

Gender-related variables for health research (Paik, Shiebinger, et al., 2021)

In this paper, researchers from across the globe developed a questionnaire to shed light on how specific gender-related behaviors and attitudes contribute to health and disease processes. The variables were: caregiver strain, work strain, independence, risk-taking, emotional intelligence, social support, and discrimination.

This research provides investigators the tools to include research on gender as a sociocultural variable, in addition to researching sex as a biological variable. To read more on this study, click the linked article title above.