At SWHR we believe that one of the keys to successfully achieving our mission is through strong partnerships and we work with a broad spectrum of organizations:

The RAISE Project was designed to increase the status of professional women through enhance Recognition of the Achievements of Women In Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. Current programs of The RAISE Project include an interactive website with a listing of available awards categorized by discipline, career level and eligibility by gender. When available, all award recipients are listed since 1981. Further information about recipients is provided through a link with Research Crossroads.

In 2006, SWHR established the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD), the only scientific membership society in North America dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research on biological sex differences. OSSD became an independent organization in 2012 but still recognizes the integral leadership role of SWHR in promoting the study of sex differences and advocating for sex differences research since 1990.

SWHR is a founding partner of the Sex and Gender Women’s Health Collaborative (SGWHC), which aims to bring a sex and gender perspective to clinical practice to assure a comprehensive understanding and sensitivity that provides for distinct differences and similarities between the sexes that ultimately will improve medical care for all.