Medtronic Prize for Scientific Contributions to Women’s Health – Currently Discontinued

To recognize a woman scientist or engineer for her contributions to women’s health. This prize is intended to encourage women scientists and engineers to work on issues uniquely related to women’s health, and the prize will reward women who have devoted a significant part of their careers in this area. Nominees’ commitment to the area of sex differences and their activities to pass this commitment to their collaborators and students both as a role model and as a mentor will be recognized. The $75,000.00 prize will be given to an outstanding scientist or engineer in mid career whose work has led or will lead directly to the improvement of women’s health.


2013   Mia K. Markey

2012   Tracy Bale

2011   Denniz Zolnoun

2010   Sabra Klein

2009   Kimberly Kenton

2008   Karyn Frick

2007   Elizabeth Petri Henske

2006   Marisa Bartolomei