SCIENCE Networks

Longtime biases in medical research have put the health of women at risk and created huge gaps in knowledge about the differences between women and men in health and disease. SWHR recognizes the need to have researchers, clinicians, and patients with diverse perspectives come together to address these gaps. Our success is based on building collaborative models of Interdisciplinary Science Networks.

SWHR’s Interdisciplinary Science Networks are multiyear initiatives that bring together thought leaders in specific areas of women’s health. The Network members engage in scientific, policy, outreach, and education projects focused on identifying and eliminating barriers in women’s health care.

our proven formula


The success of SWHR’s Science Networks is grounded in our ability to convene diverse groups of researchers and clinicians whose work cuts across scientific disciplines.


The inclusion of patient perspectives ensures that SWHR’s Science Networks are addressing the needs of women living with these conditions every day.


All of SWHR’s activities are rooted in science. Whether our Science Networks are engaging in policy efforts, conducting awareness campaigns, or creating patient toolkits, our work is evidence-based and vetted by experts in the field.


SWHR’s Science Networks thrive because of productive collaboration both within the Networks and with partners in the health care ecosystem, including professional societies, patient advocacy organizations, government agencies, and industry.

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At SWHR, we believe that one of the keys to successfully achieving our mission is through innovative and diverse partnerships. To learn more, please contact our Development Office at or 202-496-5001.