The Society for Women’s Health Research has promoted interdisciplinary research in various diseases and conditions for nearly two decades, with the goal of improving women’s health.

SWHR routinely convenes interdisciplinary scientific roundtables to address key issues in women’s health and promote the discovery of new ideas in either sex-based biology or conditions pertaining to women’s health. The roundtables are closed meetings that span for a day or day and a half. The participation is by invitation only. Leading established senior investigators (basic scientists and clinicians) come together for an in-depth discussion to identify knowledge gaps and novel areas of research.

During the roundtables the participants aim to:

  • Address current state of the science and knowledge gaps;
  • Develop research and clinical recommendations to address the gaps, including ways to bridge the gap between basic and clinical research;
  • Identify critical next research steps in basic and clinical research;
  • Provide input to SWHR on public policy and outreach efforts to address women’s health issues.

Upcoming Roundtable

  • Chronic Pain Roundtable (Date TBD)

Recent Roundtables

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