Date: October 29-30, 2014

About: SWHR held its first interdisciplinary roundtable discussion on understanding urologic health in women across the lifespan. The roundtable included 15 researchers from diverse backgrounds. Th­­­­e expert panel represented various disciplines ranging from urology, urogynecology, pediatric urology, epidemiology, cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, surgery, physiology, neurobiology, gerontology, regenerative medicine and biomedical engineering.


  • Review urologic conditions prevalent during the key stages of a woman’s life from infancy to old age;
  • Identify critical research gaps in the area of epidemiology, basic and clinical research;
  • Identify ways to prevent urologic conditions during the key stages of a woman’s lifespan;
  • Address psychosocial, physical and QOL related challenges faced by women with urologic conditions;
  • Discuss public policy and community outreach efforts to prevent urologic conditions in women.


  • Cindy Amundsen, MD, Duke University
  • James Ashton-Miller, PhD, University of Michigan
  • Margot Damaser, PhD, Cleveland Clinic
  • Matthew Fraser, PhD, Duke University
  • Toby Chai, MD, Yale School of Medicine
  • Michael DiSanto, PhD, Rowan University
  • George Kuchel, MD, University of Connecticut
  • Alan Wolfe, PhD, Loyola University
  • Roger R. Dmochowski, MD, MMHC, FACS, Vanderbilt University
  • Heidi S. Harvie, MD, MSCE, University of Pennsylvania
  • Leslee S. Subak, MD, UCSF
  • Cara Tannebaum, MD, MSc., Centre de recherche, IUGM
  • Candace Parker-Autry, MD, Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • Clare Close, MD, Close Pediatric Urology
  • Stephanie Kielb, MD, Northwestern University
  • George Kuchel, MD, University of Connecticut
  • Elizabeth Mueller, MD, Loyola University


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