The SWHR Sexual Health in Post-Menopausal Women Webinar is intended to engage leaders in women’s health with valuable information and research into the latest on emotional and physical sexual health issues. Forpost-menopausal women, sexual health issues, including uneven diagnosisand treatment, is a prevalent problem. Women often have difficultiesdiscussing sexual health issues with their doctors. And, factors thatcontribute to a woman’s sexual health and satisfaction are complex andoften interrelated.

Sexual health is a topic rarely discussed outside of reproductive health classes. The Associated Press recently reported that baby boomers arethe unhappiest age group when it comes to their sex lives, and oftenwomen do not know how menopause will affect or change their sex life.SWHR believes that women should feel empowered to ask questions andeducate themselves on changes to their health and bodies across theirlifespan, including their sexual health. And, these issues should be a part of their ongoing conversations with their health care providers.

This webinar offers a broad scope of information on sexual health issues that face women post-menopause.

Greenberger at Sexual Health Webinar Kingsberg at Sexual Health Webinar
Welcome & Overview

Phyllis Greenberger, MSW
President & CEO

Society for Women’s Health Research

Sex & the Postmenopausal Woman

Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD

Case Western Reserve University
of Medicine

Simon at Sexual Health Webinar Parish at Sexual Health Webinar
An Evolutionary Perspective

James Simon, MD

Women’s Health & Research

Sexuality & Quality of Life in
Postmenopausal Women

Sharon Parish, MD

Montefiore Medical Center

Chavez at Sexual Health Webinar Carter at Sexual Health Webinar
Let’s Talk about Sex…
With Our Doctors!

Shannon Chavez, PsyD

SHE Sexual Health Experts

  Panel Discussion

Christine Carter, PhD, MPH, Moderator
Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Society for Women’s Health Research

Content for the webinar was adapted from an event in Washington, D.C., on November 4, 2013.

SWHR would like to thank Shionogi Inc. for their generous support of the Society and our sexual health program work.


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