The Women’s Health Research Coalition is an advocacy network of more than 600 leaders at academic medical, health and scientific institutions, as well as other interested associations, foundations, individuals and organizations, who have joined together to encourage coordination of and funding for women’s health research and for the study of sex- and gender-based differences.

WHRC participates in the annual appropriations and legislative process by providing testimony and advocating on Capitol Hill. WHRC members are asked to participate in our annual Capitol Hill Day to discuss with members of Congress and staff SWHR’s legislative goals. In addition, members are encouraged to act upon legislative action alerts.

While membership is open, we are looking for people who are passionate about women’s health and women’s health research who will be willing to participate in WHRC activities.

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The WHRC Hotline is an information service of the Women’s Health Research Coalition. Each month the WHRC Hotline will provide you with the latest women’s health research policy and funding information that affects you, your organization or research institution.

If you have questions regarding WHRC membership, please contact Heather Boyd.