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7.21.21 | Autoimmune
More Than Skin Deep: Assessing Gaps in Care for Patients with Alopecia Areata, Atopic Dermatitis, and Psoriatic Arthritis

SWHR recently convened a diverse working group of expert researchers, health care providers, patient advocates, and policy leaders for a roundtable discussion on the health, social, and economic impacts of these conditions on women.

SWHR Hires Lindsey Horan as Chief Advocacy Officer

SWHR announced the hiring of Lindsey Horan as its new Chief Advocacy Officer.

5.12.21 | Policy
SWHR Launches Coalition to Support NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health

During National Women's Health Week, SWHR launched a new coalition to support the important work of the NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health. 

2.22.21 | Maternal Health
Maternal Health Disparities: A Q&A with Dr. Jasmine Johnson

SWHR CEO Katie Schubert interviews Dr. Jasmine Johnson, a maternal-fetal medicine fellow at the University of North Carolina, about racial disparities in maternal health outcomes.

Older women laughing with yoga mats 2.3.21 | Menopause
It’s Time for a Mood Change on Menopause

Menopause is understudied in research, often misunderstood by providers and patients, and unaddressed in many areas of health care policy.

12.18.20 | Bone Health
Osteoarthritis Research and Care: The Role of Sex and Gender Differences

SWHR published a review in the Journal of Women’s Health highlighting research gaps and unmet needs around sex and genders differences in osteoarthritis (OA) research, diagnosis, care, and education.

female patient doctor 11.3.20
Examining Research Gaps and Barriers to Care for Fibroids

SWHR hosted a roundtable meeting last month to discuss gaps in research, clinical practice, policy, and patient education that need to be addressed to improve health outcomes for patients with fibroids.

SWHR Hires Irene Aninye as Director of Science Programs

SWHR hired of Dr. Irene Aninye as SWHR’s new Director of Science Programs.

10.7.20 | Policy
Understanding Disparities in COVID-19 Research and Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives across the world, but not to the same extent. Vast gender and racial disparities characterize the pandemic in the United States.

9.3.20 | Maternal Health
Advances in Pregnancy Care: What Parents Need to Know About Genetic Screening

Noninvasive prenatal screening and expanded carrier screening allow families to gain insight into the risk posed by certain heritable conditions. SWHR profiles both types of screening and discusses what families should know before talking to their clinician.