policy engagement


SWHR advocates for the appropriate inclusion of women in regulatory frameworks to ensure new diagnostics, drugs, and devices meet the needs of women and other patients. Advancing women’s health requires robust funding for scientific research. SWHR champions research on sex and gender differences and overlooked areas in women’s health. Women won’t benefit from new diagnostics and therapies unless they can access them. SWHR urges consideration of the unique burdens that many diseases have on women in determining the value of these innovations.


As part of our efforts to ensure that regulatory, science, and coverage and access policies benefit women’s health, SWHR often engages with Congress, government agencies, and independent health care organizations to provide comments, feedback, and insight into policy topics and decisions relevant to women’s health.

Position Statements

Read the official positions of the Society for Women’s Health Research on research and health policy topics, such as investment in women’s health research, sex as a biological variable in research, and inclusion of pregnant women and lactating women in research.

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