About SWHR

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As a national thought leader dedicated to advancing women’s health and promoting research on sex differences to optimize women’s health, the Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) plays a critical role in identifying clinical and research gaps; raising awareness of diseases, conditions, and life stages that differently, disproportionately, or exclusively affect women; and promoting policies that could positively shape health outcomes for women. Over its more than 30-year history, SWHR has been advancing women’s health through its core functions of science, policy, and education.


Advance women’s health through science, policy, and education while promoting research on sex differences to optimize women’s health.


Make women’s health mainstream.

We work year-round to fulfill our mission through science, policy, and education.
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SWHR is elevating our collective understanding of health disparities facing women and how biological sex, gender, and hormones affect health across the lifespan. We do this by convening interdisciplinary stakeholders to provide expert analyses on topics related to women’s health; identifying research gaps and unmet needs for women’s health across the lifespan; and leveraging expert analyses to create deliverables addressing needs in the areas of science, policy, and education and outreach.

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Throughout the year, SWHR champions policies that promote women’s health. We do this by translating the scientific evidence base into policies aimed at improving women’s health and related health disparities; acting as a source of expert guidance to policymakers seeking to address issues of biological sex differences and women’s health; and pushing for improved inclusion and representation of women from diverse backgrounds across all levels of science.

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SWHR drives the national conversation on women’s health and sex differences research. We do this by serving as a trusted source for information on women’s health and sex differences research; raising awareness of disparities and unmet needs in women’s health; and creating engaging, scientifically-driven content for diverse audiences on women’s health and sex differences research.

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Our Proven Formula


The success of SWHR’s Science and Policy Programs is grounded in our ability to convene diverse groups of researchers and clinicians whose work cuts across scientific disciplines.


The inclusion of patient perspectives ensures that SWHR’s work is addressing the needs of women living with these conditions every day.


All of SWHR’s activities are rooted in science. Whether engaging in policy efforts, conducting awareness campaigns, or creating patient toolkits, our work is evidence-based and vetted by experts in the field.


SWHR’s programs thrive because of productive collaboration both within working groups and with partners in the health care ecosystem, including professional societies, patient advocacy organizations, government agencies, and industry.

Partner With Us

At SWHR, we believe that one of the keys to successfully achieving our mission is through innovative and diverse partnerships. To learn more, please contact our Development Department at development@swhr.org or 202-496-5001.