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3rd Reproductive Aging Conference

May 1 - May 4

Aging in the gonad dramatically affects aging in somatic tissues, yet we know little about the mechanisms regulating healthy aging in reproductive organs, nor how this crosstalk is achieved. The Reproductive Aging Conference focuses on understanding mechanisms that regulate aging in reproductive tissues and their relationship to overall organismal healthspan and longevity. To the knowledge of the hosts, this is the only international meeting dedicated entirely to the topic of reproductive aging.

The goal of the Reproductive Aging Conference is to showcase research and stimulate collaborations that bridge the disciplines of reproductive biology and aging research to help define new paradigms to accelerate progress. Hosts provide a forum for coalescing the field and fostering discussion of concepts and presentation of research at the forefront of discovery related to aging in the reproductive system and its connection to aging in the rest of the body.

Reproductive aging research encompasses multiple facets of cell biology and physiology: identification of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate aging in reproductive organs that facilitate overall healthspan and longevity; mechanisms of germ cell and niche aging and how these might regulate systemic aging; and developing new models to study these interactions. The intersection of these historically separate research areas, the basic biology of aging and aging in the reproductive tract, have begun to merge around common molecular principles. Invited speakers include established as well as outstanding early career scientists selected for the quality of their science and ability to stimulate debate.


May 1
May 4