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The Next Generation of Value-Based Arrangements: What Are the Stakes for Patients?

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December 4, 2019 @ 1:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

On December 4th, NEHI will convene leading payers, biopharmaceutical manufacturers, and patient advocates on Capitol Hill to consider “The Next Generation of Value-Based Arrangements: What Are the Stakes for Patients?”

Value-based arrangements are an emerging payment model under which payers or pharmaceutical benefit managers and biopharmaceutical manufacturers agree to specific terms that tie payment to results, based on a drug’s actual impact on patients in real world medical practice.

While perspectives differ on the benefits and challenges to expanding value-based agreements, many analysts believe a new generation of value-based arrangements will play an essential role in any national strategy on coverage and payment of drugs. As health care leaders and policy makers explore the next generation of value-based arrangements, it is critical to examine what is at stake for patients and bring the patient perspective to these discussions. Join NEHI as they explore key questions:

  • What do patients have to gain or lose from a new generation of value-based arrangements?
  • How should a “next generation” of value-based arrangements address patient needs, preferences and values?
  • How can we make next generation value-based arrangements truly patient-focused?