The coronavirus pandemic affects women’s health in a multitude of ways. In addition to the threat to women’s physical health, COVID-19 and its ramifications are creating burdens on women that negatively influence their mental, emotional, social, and financial health as well. In these challenging times, SWHR is committed to continuing our work to raise awareness about issues impacting women’s health. On this webpage, you will find original content from SWHR as well as information from reliable, evidence-based sources.

Women’s Health

Your Counselor Will See You Now: How Genetic Counselors Are Leading the Way on Telehealth

SWHR Blog, July 28, 2020

Telehealth is booming in the pandemic, but genetic counselors have been utilizing virtual care for years. Read the latest in SWHR’s diagnostics blog series, which focuses on the pros and cons of telehealth.

Pandemic Imperils Cancer Prevention, Screening, and Treatment for Women
SWHR Blog, July 30, 2020
Women Struggle to Access Menstrual Products During COVID-19 Pandemic
SWHR Blog, May 27, 2020
COVID-19 Is a Nightmare for Women’s Sleep
SWHR Blog, May 11, 2020
The Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Women of Color
SWHR Blog, April 30, 2020
Managing Endometriosis During the Pandemic
SWHR Blog, April 9, 2020

Sex Differences

Covid Kills More Men Than Women. Experts Still Can’t Explain Why

Wired, July 9, 2020

SWHR President and CEO Kathryn Schubert weighs in on the still-unexplained sex differences evident in COVID-19.


Pandemic Prompts Concerns About Worsening Mental Health for Pregnant Women and New Moms

SWHR Blog, June 1, 2020

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant women and new moms are being forced to confront unexpected challenges and possible worst-case scenarios about delivery and the postpartum period.

Why We Still Don’t Know Enough About Covid-19 and Pregnancy
New York Times, July 10, 2020
Study Results Suggest Pregnant Women May Be Able to Transmit Coronavirus to Their Babies
Washington Post, July 9, 2020
CDC Recommendations for Women Who are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, or Caring for Young Children
Centers for Disease Control, June 25, 2020

Mental Health

The pandemic has strained the mental health of the most vulnerable

The 19th News, August 5, 2020

Pandemic-induced depression and anxiety is exploding the already stark mental health gender disparities. The health care system isn’t equipped to meet the growing need.

Women Are Overwhelmed and Exhausted From Coronavirus Life Adjustments
Everyday Health, July 6, 2020
Mental Health America Releases May 2020 Screening Data
Mental Health America, June 2, 2020
Coronavirus Is Driving a Telehealth Evolution
SWHR Blog, April 7, 2020

Domestic Violence

Not Always Safer at Home: COVID-19 and Domestic Violence

SWHR Blog, April 14, 2020

With most of the world facing restrictions on movement due to the novel coronavirus, many media outlets are reporting on both expected and observed increases in domestic violence cases globally.

Rising to the Challenge of Screening for Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19
STAT, July 17, 2020
The Shadow Pandemic: Violence Against Women During COVID-19
UN Women
Why Telehealth Is a Complicated Option for Domestic Violence Survivors
Rewire, May 8, 2020


Experiences of Home Health Care Workers in New York City During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

JAMA Network, August 4, 2020

Home health care workers— a profession that’s overwhelmingly women of color— feel invisible and marginalized, despite being on the front lines of the pandemic.

Coronavirus squeezes the “sandwich generation”
Axios, July 9, 2020
Account for Gender/Sex to Make Personal Protective Equipment Safer for Women
Stat News, June 19, 2020
During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Caregivers Have Never Felt More Alone.
Seattle Times, June 11, 2020

Pandemic Response

The coronavirus could set back a generation of women

Axios, August 4, 2020

The pandemic threatens progress toward gender equity. Women are more likely to work in the hardest-hit industries, face discrimination, and sacrifice work hours to care for children. COVID-19 recovery must address these gaps.

Sexist and Incomplete Data Hold Back the World’s Covid-19 Response
Stat News, July 30, 2020
When Returning to Normal Doesn’t Work for Half the World’s Population: How to Build Back Better
International Rescue Committee, July 2020
The Pandemic’s Toll on Women
Foreign Affairs, July 15, 2020

Testing & Treatment

Large U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Will Exclude Pregnant Women For Now

Reuters, July 31, 2020

The first two COVID-19 vaccines to enter large-scale U.S. trials will not be tested in pregnant women this year, raising questions about how this population will be protected from the coronavirus.

How will the first COVID-19 vaccine affect women? ‘This leaves a big question mark.’
Chicago Tribune, July 19, 2020
SWHR Urges Inclusion of At-Risk Women in COVID-19 Research
SWHR Policy Letter, June 19, 2020
COVID-19 Testing: What Women Need to Know
SWHR Blog, April 28, 2020

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