Endometriosis Fact Sheet


Published 6/19/18
endometriosis fact sheet

Approximately 10% of reproductive-age women are living with endometriosis, a painful and chronic condition in which tissue that resembles that of the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus and can cause lesions, pelvic pain, and heavy bleeding. Endometriosis can negatively affect a woman’s quality of life and productivity. The condition also creates a significant economic and social burden for women and society as a whole. Despite being a major health condition affecting women, endometriosis remains vastly underfunded and under-researched.

For a quick overview, check out SWHR’s endometriosis fact sheet. Learn more about this disease through the work of SWHR’s Network on Endometriosis and Fibroids.

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Identifying Barriers to Care for Women With Endometriosis

An SWHR working group published an expert review that identifies areas of need to improve a woman’s diagnosis, treatment, and access to quality care, as well as highlights priorities for the future of endometriosis research and care.

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