Issues Affecting Health Care Coverage and Access for Women with Autoimmune Diseases and Conditions

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Published 2/10/23

Autoimmune diseases and conditions, a group of more than 80 chronic and often disabling diseases that develop when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own healthy organs, tissues, and cells, disproportionately affect women. The burden of autoimmune diseases and conditions can be exacerbated by coverage and access polices that lead to delays in care and disease progression. Since no cure for autoimmune diseases exists, treatment centers on managing symptoms and slowing the progression and impacts of the disease. Ensuring that patients have access to effective treatments in a timely manner is essential for improving health outcomes and quality of life.

The Society for Women’s Health Research developed the policy brief, “Issues Affecting Health Care Coverage and Access for Women with Autoimmune Diseases,” to highlight how certain coverage policies, such as prior authorization and step therapy, can affect women and their health care providers and shares policy recommendations that could improve outcomes.

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New Autoimmune Agenda Highlights Policy Measures to Improve Outcome for Women Living with Autoimmune Diseases

The SWHR autoimmune policy agenda serves as a call to action for research, education, awareness, advocacy, clinical care, and coverage to support women impacted by autoimmune diseases and conditions.

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