Migraine Patient Toolkit: A Guide to Your Care

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Published 7/11/19
Migraine Patient Toolkit

A migraine attack is not just a headache.

Migraine is a neurological disease that requires patients and health care providers to work together to manage symptoms such as severe head pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light/sound that can disrupt patients’ lives.

Our toolkit is designed to help people with migraine navigate their care.

This patient-centered resource provides easy-to-understand information about migraine diagnosis and treatment, as well as tips on interacting with health care providers and health insurance companies to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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What’s in the Toolkit?

The toolkit is a project of SWHR’s Interdisciplinary Network on Migraine, a diverse group of researchers, health care providers, patients, and health care opinion leaders working to educate and engage society about the burden of migraine. You can download the entire Migraine Patient Toolkit above or download these individual toolkit pieces:

What Is Migraine and Who Does It Affect?

Talking With Your Health Care Provider

Monthly Headache Diary

Preventing and Treating Migraine Attacks



SWHR Migraine Toolkit Preventing Treating Attacks


Talking to Your Insurance Company

How to Appeal a Denied Insurance Claim

Migraine Glossary of Terms

Toolkit Part Two

Migraine Patient Toolkit: Living Well with Migraine

SWHR’s new Migraine Patient Toolkit is designed to help people with migraine integrate wellness practices into their daily life and offers a starting point for the journey toward living well with migraine.

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