School Nurses’ Experience of Toileting Behaviors in American Schools

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Published 10/10/18

SWHR conducted an online survey of school nurses about school bathroom policies and bladder health education. Most school nurses reported that their schools had no written student bathroom use policy, that few teachers received education on bladder health, and that bladder health was rarely included in student health curriculum.

Members of SWHR’s Interdisciplinary Network on Urological Health in Women presented a poster highlighting the survey results — School Nurses Experience of Toileting Behaviors in American School: A Survey of Members of the National Association of School Nurses — at the American Urogynecologic Society’s Pelvic Floor Disorders Week in Chicago on October 10, 2018.

Survey of School Nurses Reveals Lack of Bathroom Policies and Bladder Health Education

In an online survey developed by SWHR, a majority of school nurses reported that the pre-K-12 schools they work for do not have written policies on student bathroom use and do not have education for students and teachers on bladder health.

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