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This year, will you join us and #ReadMyLips?

Read My Lips – LIPids, that is! Did you know that lipid panel testing is the most comprehensive way to determine high cholesterol?

The Society For Women’s Health Research’s (SWHR) Read My Lips campaign aims to emphasize the importance of women knowing their risk factors for heart disease and understanding and the critical role cholesterol screening – and specifically, lipid panel testing – for women’s heart health.

Policymakers and clinicians alike have important roles to play in improving women’s heart health across the lifespan, by increasing heart health awareness, improving education, and ensuring access to important screenings and lipid panel testing.

SWHR Policy Agenda: Improving Women’s Heart Health Outcomes Across the Lifespan

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men in the United States, resulting in one in every five deaths. In 2021, about 695,000 people died of heart disease. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated what was already considered a public health crisis of heart health.

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Getting at the Heart of Needs in Women’s Heart Health

During American Heart Month, SWHR hosted a webinar reviewing the burden of heart disease in women in the United States and launching SWHR’s Heart Health Policy Agenda, which was informed by an interdisciplinary Working Group of policy experts, researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates in the fall of 2023. SWHR also shared findings from its recent exploration into ischemic heart disease as part of the SWHR Women’s Health Dashboard, which examines national and state data to identify needs and opportunities.

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Are You Ready to Read My Lips?

Use this printable sign to join the women’s heart health conversation:

  1. Download the PDF.
  2. Print out the sign.
  3. Take a picture with the sign.
  4. Post your picture to social media with the hashtag #ReadMyLips and tell us how you are supporting women’s heart health policy.
  5. Hang the sign in your office and start a conversation with others about women’s heart health.
It’s time to Read My Lips! Women need policies to support their heart health. Let’s spread the word!


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#ReadMyLips: The time is now to get serious about addressing women’s #hearthealth! Check out how our partner, @SWHR, is encouraging women to take charge of their heart health and engage #policymakers in the discussion:

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DYK women are more likely than men to die from a heart attack? We’re calling on policymakers with @SWHR to support women’s #hearthealth, like lipid panels for cholesterol testing. Tag your representatives to tell them it’s time to #ReadMyLips! Learn more:

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We stand with @SWHR on the need for change to support women’s #hearthealth. A lipid panel is the best way to test for #highcholesterol, a risk for heart disease. It’s time for policymakers to #ReadMyLips and support policies to improve women’s health:

What’s Happening in Heart Health Policy?

Tackling heart disease requires a systems-level approach – from education and awareness to federal policies that aim to improve health and quality of life outcomes across the lifespan. Below are some policy resources that are helping to elevate the topic of heart disease:

Do You Have Heart Health Story?

SWHR wants to Read Your Lips! Share you heart health or cholesterol story with SWHR and you could help us inform future materials and programming.

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