SWHR Comments to Congress on 21st Century Cures 2.0 Discussion Draft


Published 7/16/21

SWHR President & CEO Kathryn G. Schubert submitted comments to Representatives Diana DeGette and Fred Upton in response to the 21st Century Cures 2.0 discussion draft and request for information on the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H).

Cures 2.0 presents an opportunity to continue the original legislation’s legacy in furthering women’s health. Women often serve as the chief medical decisionmaker in their families, take on the role of primary caregivers in their families, and as we have seen during the global health pandemic, are bearing the burden of family care, school, and are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. A comprehensive approach to women’s health that explores health across the lifespan would benefit the entire population. SWHR requested that Cures 2.0 prioritizes research that includes all women and encourages the National Academy of Medicine to conduct a study on gaps in women’s health research.

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