SWHR Recommendations on ICER’s 2020 Value Assessment Framework

Published 10/18/19

SWHR provided recommendations to the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) on proposed changes to its 2020 value assessment framework to ensure it supports optimal health outcomes for women. SWHR is uniquely positioned to serve as a resource to ICER on key aspects of value assessment that have implications for women and their health.

SWHR’s open input comments from June 10 offered practical information and suggestions on how ICER can improve the methods it uses to assess the value of drugs and health care interventions and the processes it follows to engage with stakeholders. On October 11, we shared with ICER our new SWHR Health Care Value Assessment Principles, which we conceived to help ensure that value frameworks and assessments, including those of ICER, reflect factors relevant to women and the ongoing improvement of their health, as well as allow for access to new therapies.

While ICER’s proposed updates released on August 21 provided some incremental improvements that align with the SWHR principles, the changes do not go far enough to support optimal health outcomes for women as patients, caregivers, and health care decision-makers for themselves and their families.