SWHR Recommends ICER Delay Report on Endometriosis Treatments

Policy Engagement

Published 5/31/18

In comments to the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), SWHR recommended the organization delay finalizing its draft evidence report assessing new endometriosis therapies until they have been more thoroughly studied by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Examining the draft report in detail, SWHR noted areas where ICER’s methodology, modeling techniques, and key inputs could be refined.

SWHR pointed out the limitations within the draft evidence report that make a clear assessment of the new therapies difficult. For example, ICER’s analysis compared the cost-effectiveness of elagolix to no treatment (i.e., placebo) and was unable to compare to other treatments due to lack of data. Delaying the report until more comprehensive studies are completed would allow ICER to produce a more thorough assessment comparing the cost-effectiveness of treatments. SWHR also made recommendations to ICER for improving or refining future analyses.

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