Understanding Genetic Screening and Maternal Health Care Poster


Published 1/18/23

Genetic screening can offer soon-to-be parents and those considering parenthood information about the risk of passing on certain conditions to their child, allowing women and their partners to make informed decisions about planning their family, pregnancy management, and future child-rearing.

A variety of tools and methods are available for screenings — all with a goal of gaining insight into the potential outcome of certain genetic conditions.

This new poster focuses on two types of screens, Expanded Carrier Screening and Noninvasive Prenatal Screening, as well as key considerations for patients and providers.

Screenings are not diagnostic tests, and patients should remember that ECS and NIPS only provide information about risk for certain genetic conditions, not definitive diagnoses.

This resource builds on the Genetic Screening Roadmap: A Clinician’s Guide to Providing Quality Maternal Health Care, which includes additional education materials and counseling guidance. SWHR encourages sharing this poster with family or friends, displaying it in doctors offices, and including it in other health care spaces that serve women, parents, and families planning their future.

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