February 28, 2024

Alicia A. Grandey, PhD 

Dr. Alicia Grandey joined the industrial-organizational psychology program at Penn State in 1999. She has published 65+ articles on emotional labor (e.g., “service with a smile”), workplace mistreatment, and work diversity (age/gender/racial/political), and their implications for both performance and health of service workers. She also co-edited the book Emotional Labor in the 21st Century. Her award-winning research is heavily cited by scholars (24,000+ times) and media (e.g., Harvard Business Review, New Yorker, Reddit, NPR).  She was named Fellow of Association of Psychological Science (APS) and Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (SIOP). Dr .Grandey has mentored over 20 doctoral students in her two decades at PSU and received a Psi Chi Honors Society Award for Mentoring and Penn State’s Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching.