May 17, 2024

Anne Marie Morse, DO, FAASM

Dr. Anne Marie Morse is a board certified adult neurologist with special qualifications in child neurology and sleep medicine specialist. She is the Director of Child Neurology and Pediatric Sleep Medicine at Janet Weis Children’s Hospital – Geisinger Health System (Danville, Pennsylvania). She has significant clinical experience and interest in pediatric and adult patients with sleep wake disorders, particularly central disorders of hypersomnolence, such as narcolepsy. In addition, her research interests extend more broadly to include investigating the relationship of sleep with neurologic disease. Some of her current research involvement includes participation in studies evaluating novel therapies and management strategies for hypersomnia disorders, neurodevelopment and sleep, and neurocognitive outcomes related to sleep apnea. In addition, Dr. Morse’s commitment to sleep health also extends into the community. She has developed a school-based sleep education and surveillance program called Wake Up and LearnTM, a program developed to provide education about sleep health and perform school-based sleep screening to improve recognition of pediatric sleep disorders in middle and high school students. After successful implementation in middle school and high school, it has now expanded to include learners in college, medical school and medical residency programs as well. Dr. Morse envisions a world where sleep can be acknowledged as the vital sign of health, wellness, and performance that it is designed to be.