January 6, 2023

Jennifer L. Hall, PhD

Jennifer Hall, PhD serves as the Chief of Data Science and Analytics at the American Heart Association (AHA). Dr. Hall is also an adjunct Professor in the Dept of Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Under her leadership at the AHA, she has established the AHA Precision Medicine Platform, a cloud-based resource for researchers with a web portal providing access to data and workspaces equipped with analysis tools. Dr. Hall’s team works in partnership with NIH and its cloud-based platforms to standardize best practices and interfaces to allow academic researchers agility and ease use of use. She currently serves as a co-PI of the NHGRI’s AnVIL (Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab Space), the goal of which is to create a cloud-based platform for clinicians to have access to genomic information and tools to better treat patients. Dr. Hall lead a team of over 20 data scientists, evaluation analysts and computational engineers. Their evaluation analysts have played a key role in the current AnVIL grant to evaluate the needs of clinical genomics researchers and translate these needs into new tools and resources on the AnVIL platform by working alongside the product teams. Dr. Hall also serves as a co-PI of a data harmonization grant (1R61NS120246-01) in which her team is testing novel harmonization methods with five longitudinal NIH datasets and establish a risk score analysis for stroke. They use the Precision Medicine Platform to provide a portal and search for the metadata to the general public.