September 10, 2021

Kelly Barta

Kelly is a lifelong eczema patient who, after experiencing a health crisis due to an adverse response to medication, was propelled into the world of advocacy. Her advocacy efforts have led her to serve on several dermatology nonprofits, bringing awareness to the great needs of this community in both academic and political arenas.

Kelly currently works with Allergy & Asthma Network overseeing legislative priorities on the state level and managing special projects, especially those related to atopic dermatitis.

In addition to her work with the Network, Kelly serves as president of the Coalition of Skin Diseases, an umbrella organization comprised of more than 20 national skin-related nonprofits, which exists to raise awareness of skin diseases and advocate for the 84+ million Americans living with skin conditions. Kelly works from Atlanta, where she enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially in the outdoors.