May 11, 2022

Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH

As Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Matt works to monitor, evaluate and improve the pharmacy plan performance of the Employers Health $2.2 billion PBM group purchasing programs with CVS, OptumRx and Elixir. He works proactively with the organization’s more than 275 member employers to provide clinical information and strategies to help reduce health care spend and positively influence the health of more than 1.2 million individuals. Matt founded the Employers Health managed care pharmacy residency program and currently serves as the director. Additionally, he manages and executes the organization’s flu immunization program which administers flu vaccines to thousands of individuals annually at their workplace. Matt earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Kentucky where he co-founded an Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy student chapter and served as the inaugural president. While obtaining his PharmD, he enrolled in the College of Public Health to obtain a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Health Service Management. Matt completed his residency training at The Ohio State University Health Plan, which expanded his knowledge and skills in managed care pharmacy.