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5.8.24 | Alzheimers Disease
Breaking Barriers in Alzheimer’s Disease Series: Innovative Diagnostics for Women

Approximately two-thirds of Alzheimer’s disease patients are women, as well as more than 60% of their caregivers. Stigma surrounding in […]

4.10.24 | Obesity
Beyond the Stigma: Obesity’s Impact on Women’s Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes obesity as “a common, serious, and costly chronic disease of adults and children […]

4.4.24 | Heart Health
Talking All Things Women’s Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men annually in the United States. Yet, less than […]

3.15.24 | Endometriosis
Closing Gaps in Physician Endometriosis Education

While endometriosis impacts such a large group of individuals across the country, there are still significant gaps in provider education surrounding endometriosis diagnosis and treatment.

3.6.24 | Menopause
Menopause Resource Guides Aim to Create Menopause-Friendly Workplaces for All

Inspired by the EMPACT Menopause Study findings, SWHR developed a set of resource guides to help address these significant gaps for midlife and older women and ultimately help improve wellness for all individuals at work.  

2.28.24 | Migraine
Menopause, Perimenopause, and Migraine

During an interview for the 2024 Migraine World Summit, Dr. Christine Lay shared what she has discovered about menopause and migraine based on her medical practice.

2.28.24 | Menopause
The Impact of Menopause on Women at Work: A Guide Conversation

SWHR hosts this webinar to discuss the challenges that women experiencing menopause symptoms face in the workplace and explore strategies that employers and supervisors can implement to improve workplace environments for midlife and postmenopausal women.

2.27.24 | Endometriosis
Precision in Practice for Endometriosis Care

Patients with endometriosis often face challenges on the path to diagnosis, including three out of four people receiving an initial misdiagnosis. […]

10.30.23 | Endometriosis
Rewriting Endometriosis Education for Providers and Policymakers

In this secondary blog, SWHR shares highlights from the interdisciplinary working group roundtable discussion held about endometriosis, in September 2023.

10.30.23 | Endometriosis
Illuminating the Endometriosis Experience to Improve Care

SWHR convened an interdisciplinary working group of health care providers, researchers, patients and patient advocates, and health care policy leaders for a roundtable discussion on endometriosis.