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How Can Your Lifestyle Affect Your Liver Health?

While our livers are constantly aiding processes that maintain our health, we seldom think about how to keep our liver healthy. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes women can make to proactively enhance their liver health.

woman holding drawing of sad liver 6.1.21
Most Common Liver Disease in America Affects Women and Men Differently

A better understanding of both biological and lifestyle factors affecting NASH development and treatment will lead to better health outcomes for all.

woman holding drawing of sad liver 4.27.21
A Psychiatrist’s Advice for Managing Chronic Liver Illness

Psychological care can have an immense impact on the quality of life for patients with chronic health issues.

2.16.21 | Liver Health
Living with PBC: A Patient’s Journey with a Rare Liver Disease

Laurie Garza tells her personal journey of being diagnosed with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), a chronic autoimmune liver disease, and how she manages her condition.

woman holding drawing of sad liver 11.19.20
Exploring the Role of Sex and Gender Differences in Liver Health

Research shows that clear differences in liver health and disease exist between women and men.

woman holding drawing of sad liver 9.8.20
9 in 10 People With This Rare Liver Disease Are Women 

PBC is a chronic and progressive autoimmune liver disease that overwhelmingly affects women, but researchers have yet to determine the exact reason behind this substantial sex difference.