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4.10.24 | Obesity
Exploring Obesity’s Impact on Women and Policy’s Role in Improving Outcomes

Check out presenter slides from the event here.   Obesity is a significant public health issue in the United States, […]

4.10.24 | Obesity
Beyond the Stigma: Obesity’s Impact on Women’s Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes obesity as “a common, serious, and costly chronic disease of adults and children […]

3.22.24 | Obesity
Obesity Disparities in Women and Factors Impacting Health Outcomes

2.20.24 | Obesity
Unveiling the Hidden Burden: Gender Disparities in Obesity Exposed

SWHR is convening an interdisciplinary Obesity Policy Working Group of health care providers, researchers, patients and patient advocates, and health […]

5.30.17 | Obesity
Obesity-related Eating Disorders in Women

In the U.S., more than four in ten women are obese, compared to a little more than a third of men.