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Women’s Immunization Education Initiative: Preventing Infectious Diseases through Vaccinations

August 9, 2021 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm EDT

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women make 80% of the healthcare decisions in the family. Women caregivers are in a unique position to ensure their family members receive the appropriate vaccines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and their healthcare providers over the course of the lifespan. This includes childhood vaccinations (such as DTAP, polio, MMR), teen vaccinations (such as HPV and MenB), and adult vaccinations (such as Hep A & B and shingles), along with annual flu shots for all ages. CDC reports indicate that U.S. adult vaccination rates remain low for many routinely recommended vaccines, leading to increased illness, hospitalization, disability, and even death. Improved immunization rates can assist in reducing racial/ethnic disparities in healthcare across all age groups. Women, as the primary health care decision-makers in the home, need scientifically-based and culturally-relevant information to make informed decisions to optimize their family’s health.

SWHR is convening a working group of public health researchers and professionals, community leaders, patient advocates, and health care providers for a closed, 1-day roundtable meeting on August 9, 2021. During the roundtable, the SWHR Immunization Education Working Group will discuss how to eliminate barriers to information and access and reduce health disparities through the development of educational materials designed to reach women as immunization recipients and decision-makers.

Support for this educational program has been provided by Merck & Co.


August 9, 2021
9:30 am - 4:00 pm EDT
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The objectives of the SWHR Immunization Education Roundtable are to:

  • Review the public health landscape concerning vaccination recommendations and implementation and explore the best means to increase public education and strategies for increased uptake through women;
  • Identify knowledge gaps, unmet patient needs, and relevant policies that present barriers to access, health equity, and vaccine confidence, particularly among minority, underserved, and rural communities;
  • Curate science-based information to address low uptake, vaccine hesitancy, and build public trust in the safety of vaccines; and
  • Develop culturally appropriate materials to expand education and raise awareness about the public health benefits of vaccinations for individuals across the lifespan.

Roundtable Participants

Meredith Allen, DrPH, MS, Vice President for Health Security, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Rebecca Coyle, Executive Director, American Immunization Registry Association

Deanna Darlington, Director, Patient Advocacy and Allied Development, Amgen

Erica DeWald, Director, Strategic Communications & Partnerships, Vaccinate Your Family

Amy Elizondo, MPH, Chief Strategy Officer, National Rural Health Association

Anita Hawkins, PhD, Assistant Dean, School of Community Health and Policy, Morgan State University

Terris King, DDiv, ScD, Pastor, CEO of King Enterprise Group, LLC, Liberty Grace Church of God

Rupali Limaye, PhD, MPH, Associate Director for Behavioral Research at the Institute for Vaccine Safety, Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer Zavolinsky, MHS, Director, Public Health Education and Communication, Vaccinate Your Family