Patient Advocate and Founder, The White Dress Project
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Tanika Gray Valbrun is an award-winning journalist, educator, and nonprofit founder with a passion for women’s health. After her personal struggles with uterine fibroids including two myomectomies, Ms. Gray Valbrun created The White Dress Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for women suffering from fibroids and to raising awareness and education around fibroids. She has worked with doctors, health advocates, and elected officials across the country to get legislation passed declaring July as Fibroids Awareness Month.

Recognized as a thought leader and patient advocate for uterine health, Ms. Gray Valbrun has also spoken around the world encouraging women to be their own best health advocate. Many women with symptomatic fibroids never dream of wearing white, because of their heavy menstrual bleeding or bloating. The white dress is a “symbol of hope” that women with fibroids can feel supported and know that they do not have to suffer in silence. In addition to encouraging women to be their own health advocates, Ms. Gray Valbrun works as a senior content producer for a global news organization, where she has been awarded three coveted Peabody Awards for her contributions in journalism.

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