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Urinary Incontinence: For Some, A Fate Worse Than Death

This slide deck highlights the impact of urinary incontinence on women, including the high prevalence in women, the stigmatization of...

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Women & Sleep Apnea

Nearly 1 in 5 women have sleep apnea, a disorder that affects daytime functioning, but about 9 in 10 women...

Women Sleep Guide 2017 Guides & Toolkits

Women and Sleep: A Guide for Better Health

Though sleep is essential to health and wellbeing, the unique barriers faced by women in maintaining good sleep health are...

Fact Sheets

Innovating for Continence Conference Poster

SWHR staff presented a poster, Urological Health in Women Across the Lifespan: An Interdisciplinary Research Network, at the 2017 Innovating...

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Sleep Drugs and Women: A Review of Issues to Consider for Optimizing the Care of Women With Sleep Disorders

Members of SWHR's Sleep Network summarize the data on certain sleep medications, such as zolpidem, which exhibit sex-specific pharmacological profiles,...

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Women’s Urological Health as a Priority to the Well-Woman Visit

In this Letter to the Editor, members of SWHR's Network on Urological Health in Women strongly urge health care providers...

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Expert Panel Recommendations on Lower Urinary Tract Health of Women Across Their Life Span

Experts recommend research, education, and policy changes that have the potential to increase awareness and improve women’s urological health at...

Peer-Reviewed Articles

SWHR Commentary on Sleep Health

SWHR outlines the importance of sex and gender differences in sleep health and the pressing need for all sleep providers...