SWHR Commentary on Sleep Health

Published 4/12/16

Looking for the latest on sex differences in sleep health? Check out SWHR’s Narcolepsy Toolkit to learn more about how different sleep conditions appear in women and tips for maintain sleep health across the lifespan. 

Women sleep differently than men. They can take longer to fall asleep, tend to be more sleep deprived, are at increased risk for insomnia, and often report different sleep disorder symptoms than men. These differences are due to biological and physiological reasons; environmental, social, and cultural factors may also influence sleep in both sexes.

SWHR outlines the importance of sex and gender differences in sleep health and the pressing need for all sleep providers and researchers to expand their knowledge of these differences in sleep and sleep disorders in this commentary, SeXX Matters in Sleep Health, published in Sleep Review. To learn more, check out the work of SWHR’s Sleep Network.