Flu Vaccines & Pregnancy Fact Sheet


Published 12/7/23

While influenza (commonly called flu) is underestimated by many, it can result in severe illness to some individuals, including to pregnant individuals. Catching the flu while pregnant can increase your risk of pre-term labor and fetal death.

The flu vaccine is an important tool to help protect mothers and their baby.

The Society for Women’s Health Research’s (SWHR) Flu Vaccines & Pregnancy Fact Sheet explains how the flu vaccine protects pregnant individuals and what types of vaccines are appropriate to receive during pregnancy.

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Share About Flu Vaccine Education on Social Media

This flu season, SWHR invites you to share out on social media information about the flu vaccine and its power to protect us all, including high-risk groups like pregnant individuals, from serious illness. Check out the Flu Vaccine & Pregnancy Social Media Toolkit today!

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Watch this Flu and Pregnancy Instagram Live Conversation

During “Defend Together,” SWHR spoke with a maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) expert about the the benefits of the flu vaccine for women and their families, with a focus on pregnant populations. Listen to the conversation now!

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