Menopause Preparedness Toolkit: A Woman’s Empowerment Guide


Published 6/16/22
menopause toolkit

Updated October 2023

Although the term menopause is  often used loosely to describe the entire time frame of a woman’s midlife changes, there are different stages to menopause. The transition to menopause is often incremental, with hormonal changes and associated symptoms sometimes starting before women begin to notice changes in their menstruation. Changes occurring in late reproductive years or perimenopause can be confusing since it may not be clear that they are related to menopause. Understanding the many changes related to menopause and being prepared for their effects can help women embrace wellness during the journey.

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR)’s Menopause Preparedness Toolkit: A Woman’s Empowerment Guide was created to support women through major menopause milestones and prepare them for conversations with physicians, families, and friends.

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What’s in the Toolkit?

You can access the entire Menopause Preparedness Toolkit above or download these individual resource pieces:

Reproductive Aging and Midlife

Understanding Menopause

Preparing for a Healthier Midlife

Managing Your Menopause Care

Wellness Tips for Menopause

Menopause Care Journal

Monthly Goals Worksheet

Learn more by checking out the toolkit’s GlossaryResources list, and References.

This toolkit is a project of SWHR’s Menopause Program, established to address barriers to care and reduce health disparities related to the menopause transition. The program engages women’s health care providers and researchers, patients and patient advocates, and health care decision-makers around the importance of understanding menopause and midlife care for women and promotes science-based health care policies and education to improve patient outcomes.

Watch The Menopause Toolkit Video Series

The Menopause Preparedness Toolkit Video Series features seven segments, based on each of the areas covered in the original toolkit. The video series segments include “What is Menopause?,” “Treating Vasomotor Symptoms of Menopause,” and “Tips for Menopause in the Workplace,” among others.

Learn About Health Disparities In Menopause

Without access to appropriate education and resources during one’s menopause journey, women can face additional health risks, caregiving challenges, and economic burdens. Read more about these disparities and opportunities to improve menopause care in the Women’s Health Equity Initiative.


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