A Woman’s Health Perspective: Story Submission Form

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) is dedicated to improving women’s health through science, policy, and education. In addition to identifying scientific knowledge and policy gaps to advance women’s health care and research, understanding women’s individual experiences and journey can inform providers and policy decision-makers on critical gaps in women’s health.

Your story can also help educate and inform other women who may be going through a similar experience.

SWHR is asking women to share their personal health journeys, to be posted on the SWHR website and other SWHR-branded material, as appropriate. In addition to patient stories, SWHR is interested in the stories of those who serve as caregiver for a family member (parent, spouse, child, etc.). Your story is powerful and we hope to share with policymakers, researchers, providers and most importantly, other women. (Your story will not to be used to promote or advocate for a specific company, product or medication, or individual.)

Share Your Story

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Interested in sharing your story?  Please complete the short submission form below. You will only be contacted if SWHR chooses to profile your story. SWHR keeps all information private. Please provide your preferred contact information so that our team is able to reach you for follow-up information and/or to schedule an interview. Please contact communications [at] swhr.org with any questions.