May 16, 2023

SWHR Endorses “Momnibus 2.0”

Representatives Lauren Underwood (IL-14) and Alma Adams (NC-12) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) on May 15 reintroduced the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act (or Momnibus Act), legislation that aims to “save moms’ lives and address every driver of maternal mortality, morbidity, and disparities in the United States.” The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) is pleased to once again offer its endorsement of this legislation. [SWHR endorsed the Black Maternal Health Momnibus of 2021; one of those bills, the Protecting Moms Who Served Act of 2021 (S.796/H.R.958), was signed into law in November 2021.]

The Momnibus bill was developed in response to the growing maternal mortality crisis in the United States. A 2021 report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that the number of U.S. women who died from pregnancy-related issues rose to 1,205, reflecting an increase of nearly 89% in the maternal mortality rate since 2018. There are also disparities in health outcomes for maternal mortality. In 2021, the maternal mortality rate for non-Hispanic Black women was 2.6 times the rate for non-Hispanic white women.

To tackle this crisis, the legislation includes 13 individual bills that will (information captured from this fact sheet):

Additional information about the 13 individual bills within the Momnibus can be found on the Black Maternal Health Caucus website.

SWHR applauds the Black Maternal Health Caucus for its efforts to address the maternal health crisis and is pleased to endorse the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2023.