November 5, 2020

Jaime Sanders

Jaime Sanders is the author of the award-winning blog The Migraine Diva. She is an affiliate partner with the Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients, with whom she is working to create an Issue Brief on Disparities in Headache and a part of the leadership of the Disparities in Headache Advisory Council (DiHAC).

Ms. Sanders is a stakeholder with the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, works with the Society for Women’s Health Research Migraine Network, and sits on the Patient Leadership Council with the National Headache Foundation. She has lived with migraine since the age of two and has been chronic and intractable for the last fifteen years. Through her advocacy work and blog, Ms. Sanders’ mission is to make a very invisible disease visible to the rest of the world and validate the real pain of millions.

You may reach her on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.