January 24, 2022

Nina Kuypers

Nina is founder of Black Women in Menopause. She started this because, as a black woman, she discovered there was a gap for UK black women to connect with each other and have a safe space to share their experiences and support each other.

Nina’s passion stems from her own menopause travels. Nina was discomfited to confess that at 43, she had been diagnosed as peri-menopausal and is now postmenopausal and has been for 3 years. This led Nina on a journey during which she has learned (and continues to learn) so much along the way that she wanted to share her experiences in the hope that other black women would not feel alone. Her aim is to make people more aware of the diversity of menopausal experience across ethnic groups.

Nina has also spoken at the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Menopause and has contributed to the APPG Women’s’ Health review Menopause at Work.

Follow her on social media at @blkmenopause on Twitter, @blackwomeninmenopause on Instagram, and Nina Kuypers on LinkedIn.