June 29, 2021

Patti Compton, MS

Patti Compton serves as the Head of Statistical Programming and Analysis at Pfizer.

With over 20 years pharmaceutical academic and industry experience, Ms. Compton has been responsible for leading efforts to build a sustainable framework to optimize data delivery including strengthening data reporting environments, quality indicators and data sharing capabilities. Currently, she is leading an implementation of a digitized analysis platform with modernized search, integration, and automation/ML to enable simplified workflows and predict risk. Additionally, she is accountable for developing functional sourcing strategies and partnerships and has implemented many development operational expansion efforts within Asia including China, India and Japan.

Ms. Compton also serves as the President of the Groton Pfizer Women’s Resource Group and works on several advisory committees with interests in sharing and expediting availability of data to patients, industry collaborators, and health authorities. She holds BA and MS degrees in Experimental Psychology from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.