July 14, 2021

Shirley Kessel

Shirley’s work experience in medical sales, teaching, non-profit volunteering, as well as thirty-five years in the medical administrative field, have enabled her to reach a pinnacle as a professional migraine advocate. During this time of evolutionary change in the headache space, she is leading Miles for Migraine, from a young non-profit, to the largest live, patient-participatory event host organization in the country.  Her passion to finding a cure is through creating  opportunities for people to advocate, learn, and be part of a thriving community, so they can teach their friends, family and employers how to change the message about migraine disease. Her role as a tribe creator and disease communication expert has assisted her to become one of the most vocal advocates in the migraine community.  

Shirley became chronic at age 25, forcing her to leave behind an MBA program. Two of her 3 daughters inherited migraine.