December 14, 2020

Pauline M. Maki, PhD

Dr. Pauline M. Maki leads a program of NIH-funded research on women, cognition, mood, and dementia, with a particular focus on the menopause. She uses multiple methods including clinical trials of hormonal and non-hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms, cohort studies of the natural history of cognition and brain function across the menopausal transition, and neuroimaging studies. She also serves as Senior Director of Research at the UIC Center for Research on Women and Gender.

Dr. Maki is Past President of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS),Current Trustee of the International Menopause Society, Chair of the Society for Women’s Health Research Interdisciplinary Network on Alzheimer’s Disease, and Immediate Past Head of the Neurocognitive Working Group of the Women’s Interagency HIV Study.