February 16, 2021

Tara Hilton

Ms. Hilton is an endometriosis activist, patient advocate and the founder of The Yellow Cape, a non-profit with a mission to change the way endometriosis affects our communities. She was a guest speaker at the first annual, “Worldwide EndoMarch” and went on to hold the roles, “Delaware Chapter President” and “Special Government Liason”, with the EndoMarch Team. Ms. Hilton wrote a proclamation for endometriosis which Governor Markell traveled to sign in person, publicly declaring endometriosis a women’s health crisis. Some of her other accomplishments include creating the first endometriosis scholarship, establishing the first monthly endometriosis support group, and most recently publishing an updated endometriosis brochure which targets early detection. Over the years, her community work has earned her awards such as: “Endo Activist of the Year” and  “Endo Hero of the Year” along with other recognitions. With almost 30 years experience in battling endometriosis and self-advocating, Ms. Hilton uses the lessons learned to provide education, support and resources to others enduring the endometriosis journey.